Saturday, October 23, 2010


To begin this post let me make it clear that i absolutely hate the gender debates modern society love to indulge in. The only thing that comes out of these kinda conversations is u either make yourself seem sexist or emotional, period (no pun intended). The gender argument, no matter what form they take, always centers on wether a gender is better off or worse off than the other. Here are a few famous topics for such arguments and why i think it is absolutely pointless squabbling about them. =

1. RELATIONSHIPS = Playboys vs sluts. While such category of people do exist, it is also to be reminded that it takes 2 to tango. A relationship is a bond between 2 individuals who find social compromise or comfort with each other. Just as it takes 2 to create this, it also takes 2 to destroy it, even if it is a measly 5% bulshit from one part and the rest of the percentage from the other. Relationships are one of those things in life that is so complicated as it involves an abundance of factors to determine wether it works or not such as past experiences, dedication, commitment, honesty, integrity, wit, mental strength, security, acceptance, tolerance, forgiveness to name a few. Gender, in fact, is a factor that makes a relationship possible in the first place! To generalize a gender as a universal cause of failing relationships just shows how primitive one's brain is, with or without a dick.

2. FINANCE = Rides vs shoes. Let me get a simple fact thru some ignorant minds first. EVERYONE SPENDS. And everyone tends to over indulge from time to time... okay, ALL the time actually. But really, a guy buys a 100000 ringgit car while a gal snags a 4000 ringgit handbag, that makes the girl any better? A girl buys a 700 ringgit pair of shoes while a guy gets himself a 300 ringgit cuffling, that makes the guy any better? Truth is, whatever your sex is, paying an extra 50% for overrated things such as 3D movies is already an act of wastefulness. When you over spend, you overspend, regardless of the scale of purchase in comparison to the opposite sex. Since when has God exclusively acknowledged greed for a set gender only? Think about it before generalizing or u might end up risking the collective sins of playing God.

3. CRIME = Warmongers vs gold diggers. Okay, so we have all the Hannibals, Genghis Khans and George W bushes throughout history. Not to mention all the guy rapists, burglars and so on. With special thanks to our hormonal count, men are definitely the more aggressive half of both sex. This makes men the source of all crime on the planet then right? Not quite though. Explain these women to me first without sounding biased. Sara Aldrete, Susan Atkins, Martha Beck, Marie Alexandrine Becker, Kate Bender, Carol M. Bundy, Mary Ann Cotton, Mrs. Julius Fuzekos, Delfina Gonzales, Maria de Jesus Gonzales, Maria Gruber, Belle Gunness, Genene Jones, Irene Leidolf, Juliane Lipka, Stephanija Mayer, Susi Olah, Madame Alexe Popova, Jane Toppan, Waltraud Wagner, Lila Gladys Young and lots more. Don't get me started on Elizabeth Bathory yet, who has over 700 documented murders to her account, making her the biggest serial killer in human history! to still claim men as the sole source of crime on earth would be insulting to the poor victims of these monsters, victims that include babies and other women. And the guys wanna complain about women being gold diggers? Taking advantage of their oh so innocent love and kindness (in most cases it's just lust anyways) just to get to their wallets? How about this fact then? most get rich schemes available in this country, which numbers by the hundreds, and has cheated both men and women, young and old of millions of ringgits have men as their directors. And when i say most, i mean 97% of the head scammers are dudes! Which leaves us with this not so baffling conclusion that crime is not an exclusive trait of a particular sex, only periods and erections are.

4. INTELLIGENCE = Girl brain vs boy brain. First up, read my ONANI 6 blog post about intelligence, it explains a lot. However, there is no harm in reminding again that some people are better than the other at certain things, which gives us variety, which is also a trait of being human, regardless of gender. Sure more girls are in universities, but how come teen pregnancies are on the rise if they are so smart? Sure most CEO's of huge companies are guys, but what about women CEO's with authority over a legion of guys working under them? Sure women are good at cooking, but how come most top chefs are guys? But then again, the majority of people who could actually cook are indeed women! So u see, we can go on and on and on treading on this Penrose Stairs of an issue but it's safe to assume that intelligence is also NOT a birth right of a set gender.

Okay, so that's about all the famous debates i'd bother to elaborate on when it comes to boys vs girls. I know there is the saying that 'Girls are form Venus and boys are from Mars' (or is it the other way around?) but reality check please. MEN AND WOMEN ARE BOTH FROM EARTH! So take a chill pill, shut up and try to be the best example of your gender and contribute positively to a society of both men and women.


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